Tom's Book:  "A Teacher's Guide..."

For end users of institutional facilities, this book is full of useful information to help you create a great new or renovated facility.  Understanding the funding, design, and construction process will greatly increase your chances to cross the finish line a winner! 

The book's "case-study" approach highlights success strategies in working with architects, contractors, administrators, donors, consultants, and subcontractors.


As Chair of the Music Department at Clackamas Community College in Portland, Oregon (now retired) Tom oversaw the design and construction of the college's first performing arts building on behalf of the Music Department.  CCC's Niemeyer Center for the Arts continues to serve as a model for other institutions that are planning their own facilities.  Tom's book on arts facility planning is a helpful guide for those who are involved in planning for construction or renovation of their own facilities. 

Tom is available to consult with those who are involved in arts facility design and construction.  Contact Tom via the "Contact" form on this website.


Book Reviews:


"I feel like a veteran of architectural design meetings, but I wish now I'd had Tom's book to guide us from the start three years ago. The clear writing in the book could have helped the decision making of all our Performing and Fine Arts faculty who entered this intricately detailed project. Tom's complete understanding of the process really is a beacon of light on intricacies of the building plan. Tom's careful explanations illuminate the full scope of the project. Most importantly, Tom's book promotes the idea that faculty with little or no background in building design can, in fact, hold forth as experts in the areas of student needs, practical teaching facilities, and the optimum use of a learning space."

Jim Schmidt, Performing Arts Instructor - Butte College Oroville, CA


"This book is a great real-world guide to developing an arts facility. Tom has spelled out in a practical, logical way the steps and the pitfalls involved in taking a project from idea to reality. I especially appreciate the books down to earth language, and the fact that Tom speaks not from theory, but from his own experience. Should I have the opportunity to pursue a large scale project at my own institution, this book will be my first purchase."

Darrell Grant, Director, Leroy Vinnegar Jazz Institute - Portland State University


"Tom Wakeling provided the crucial faculty leadership in designing, building and operating the college's new performing arts building. The project was the largest and most complex construction undertaking in the college's history. It was on a tight budget and time line; the program needs were diverse and varied. Tom developed an approach that built a strong sense of team with teaching faculty, college administrators, architects and construction professionals. Everyone's role and expertise were valued while placing the teaching and performance functions of the building at the core of every decision. The result was a building that enhances our educational programs, showcases our students and staff, and allows everyone to take pride in the part they played in bringing it to fruition. I have had the opportunity to work with Tom as he assisted other departments in the process of facility design. He has instant credibility because of his strong teaching, performing, and planning background. He is able to relate to other disciplines and show faculty how their expertise enhances the design process. He is an outstanding colleague for educators. It is so wonderful that he has captured some of his knowledge to pass to others through this book."

Dr. Dian Connett

Vice President of Instructional Services (Retired) - Clackamas Community College Oregon City, OR


"Tom Wakeling’s book provides a previously untapped vantage point in the design and construction of buildings for higher education: the standpoint of the user, especially as it relates to success for students.....I congratulate Tom on the time put forth on his book so that others can, hopefully, achieve success for their projects as well."

Al Erdman
Former Vice President of College Services
Clackamas Community College

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